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Practical Teaching

Practical teaching is an important part of the training plan in the school, which is aimed to improve the ability for students to analyze and solve problems. It is not only an important way to adapt to the social ability, but also enhance the occupation consciousness of students, consolidate the theoretical knowledge, the cultivation of innovative and entrepreneurial awareness, and the basic skill training. After years of exploration, the formation of "five in one, advanced teaching system" practice, practice time is higher than 25% of the total class hour.

1. “Five in One” practical teaching system

2. Practical training base

The school has reached an agreement with 26 enterprises and institutions to establish a cooperative relationship and set up an important platform for the undergraduate course and professional practice teaching.

3. The main practice content

3.1 Basic practice for environmental science & engineering; 

3.2 Comprehensive practice for environmental science;

3.3 Professional practice for environmental engineering;

3.4 comprehensive practice for ecology.