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Training Program

School of Environment (SE) has three undergraduate majors including Environmental Science, Environmental Engineering, and Ecology.Based on orientation and educational ideas of the university and school, give full play to the science and technology combination of the subject characteristics and advantages, adhere to the 'thick foundation, wide caliber, strong professional, innovation' training concept, and finally for national and local environmental and ecological construction to training combination of science and technology composite and diversified high-quality talents. Since 2015, the training model of a major class of enrollment, the sophomore year of majors segregation is carried, the training and programmes of professional talents are as follows:

The training goal of Environmental Science: facing the important needs of national environmental protection and sustainable development, cultivating talents with healthy physique, perfect psychological quality, good social responsibility and professional ethics, the concept of sustainable development and humanistic accomplishment, good environmental science knowledge and skills training, and scientific thinking mode and lifelong learning ability, in environmental protection, ecological construction, disaster prevention and mitigation related areas, to have further study potential of academic talent or engaged in environmental management, consulting, publicity and education of applied talents.

The training goal of Environmental Engineering: cultivating application-oriented talents with the whole development of moral, intelligence, physical and virtue, social responsibility and professional ethics, a solid theoretical foundation of environmental engineering disciplines and solving complex environmental engineering problems of practical and innovative ability, being capable of pollution control engineering, water supply and drainage engineering design and operation management, being able to engage in environmental engineering process equipment research and development or environmental monitoring work, but also to continue to study in the field of environmental engineering research back-up talents.

The training goal of Ecology: cultivating talents with adapting to the needs of national ecological civilization construction, to cultivate a healthy physique, improving psychological quality, having a good sense of social responsibility and professional ethics; systematic mastery of ecological research methods, analytical techniques and practical skills; having the potential for further study in the field of ecology or environmental protection, or engaged in ecological monitoring and evaluation, ecological planning and management, ecological protection and restoration, or ecological engineering design and consulting work.