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Academic Salon: Environmental Pollution Identification and Risk Assessment

Wed, Nov 15 2017 08:49

Activity: Ph.D. students in School of Environment will hold a salon/seminar

Place: Room 404, School of Environment

Time: 13:30-16:30 PM, November 16, 2017

Theme: Environmental pollution identification and risk assessment

Event Description

In order to improve the research quality and innovation of Ph.D. students, the School of Environment of Northeast Normal University will hold an academic saloon with the theme of "Environmental Pollution Identification and Risk Assessment". The Prof. ZHANG Fengjun from Jilin University, Prof. ZHANG Guangxin from Northeast Institute of Geography and Agroecology of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Prof. YUAN Xing, Prof. ZHAO Yuanhui, Prof. ZHANG Jiquan, and Prof. QU Jiao from Northeast Normal University were invited as the expert advisories during the event. A number of Ph.D. students from Jilin University, Northeast Institute of Geography and Agricultural Ecology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Northeast Normal University will give lots of brilliant presentations. The topics of the presentations will cover most of the hotspots in the field of pollution identification and environmental risk assessment.