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Experimental Center

Wed, Mar 21 2018 08:55

The experimental center was established in July 2014, its predecessor was center laboratory of environmental science department that was founded in 1992. Prof. Jiquan Zhang is the director of the experimental center. There are 11 full-time experimental technicians in the center, including 3 senior engineers and 4 technicians with doctorates

The experimental center divides into basic laboratory and central laboratory and the total area is 1100 square meters.

Basic laboratory includes ecology basic laboratory, pollution ecology laboratory, environment science basic laboratory, environment science professional laboratory, environment engineering professional laboratory, and comprehensive laboratory

Central laboratory includes spectroscopy room, chromatography room, molecular ecology laboratory and cell culture room. There is high performance liquid chromatograph, gas chromatograph, ion chromatography, atomic absorption spectrophotometer, double channel atomic fluorescence spectrometer, total organic carbon analyzer and other large equipments. Central laboratory is opening to all teachers and students and provides analysis test platform for teaching and scientific research work.

Basic laboratory has undertaken practical teaching of three majors including basic course, professional compulsory course, professional elective course, professional practice, thesis, etc. The laboratory courses are more than 30 and experimental items accumulate over 300. The students who originate from ecology major, environmental science major and environmental engineering major are more than 400.The total course periods are above 200 thousand every year.

The experimental center has received the construction funds of "211 Projects" and the special funds of "2005 undergraduate teaching assessment". In 2007 and 2015, the laboratory has spent more than 9 million RMB to purchase amounts of essential instruments and above 1000 sets professional equipments. Under adequate funds, the reform of the experimental teaching content is ensured due to advanced and perfect equipments. The students’ learning interest is increased and the experimental teachers’ teaching enthusiasm is stimulated.